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Search criteria based on local or network folders, the "find duplicate files."
indir.biz Editor: Double File Finder file management / search utility is. Program

Primary education is to provide the functionality of the user to find duplicate files, or the local network drives. File Properties, including the file name and file size by using the search criteria, you can search comprehensive. Regular expression file name mask or standard wildcard characters (* use) can be defined. Simple functions of a regular expression wildcard file mask offered by a lot more flexibility. For example, when a query searches for files with different extensions possible using regular expressions.

Basic program features:

Allows to find all the real duplicate files (regardless of what their names)
Allows files that match the provided search criteria are searching (Windows Explorer search functionality build in) is similar.
* Use regular expressions or wild cards are used to define the search criteria.
Allows search results to save for future reference.
search results * generates printable reports.
Allows text files that look fast, Web browser, image or binary viewers.
* integration with third-party file comparers.
Byte by byte file function * allows comparison.
Allows easy filtering search results.

Double File Finder helps you find places or local network directories Duplicate Files. Additional copies of the files you did not know they exist, even hard disk space by deleting (or forgot about you long time ago). What you can find hard drives and even without knowing you'll be amazed how easily clutter can accumulate.

That the same content no matter what the file finder double it, or have the real names of a pair (you can search for files with names extensions) or search files. In addition, for any files that match the search criteria) (not necessary you can call pairs. Now you can download free Double File Finder.

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